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A Perfect Set For Your Living Room
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A Perfect Set For Your Living Room

Tired of your old furniture that doesn’t match? Shop the selection of Living Room Sets at L&T Home Living to find the right colors, styles and fabrics.

Features fine tow tone faux leather upholstery with classic stitching lines for a comfortable feel.
Designs inspired for you to relax in sophistication. Indulge and enjoy in style!

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Brand Story

L&T Home Living is selling all types of sofa and couches for many years.
Now we’re going to introduce a new product “Shiatsu massager” including Foot massager, Neck & back massager for the ease of our people.
These are related to jugglers, athletes, working ladies, labor boys, office workers and every type of person who experienced hard jobs.


What People Say

"Best living Room Sets" We are in love with this. Nice 3 piece set, very comfortable. We dont know how durable they are yet, but trust me, I'll let you know. I've got 5 kids that'll be on them.
Anna Cynthia
"2021 Newly-premium Electric Massager" This thing feels amazing. Sometimes it does seem a bit tight ! The kneeding action on the balls of my feet puts me to sleep. But over all I would buy it again !
Jim Taylor
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